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Title:My Superhero
Genre: Drama, Comedy
First Air Date: 2022-05-18
Last Air Date: 2022-06-06
Number of Seasons: 1
Number of Episodes: 37
Runtime: 45 min
Overview: Zhang Guang Zheng is a nerdy couch potato who just takes what life gives him and doesn't aspire for more. However, he decides that it's time for a change after falling for flight attendant Zhang You En. Joining Zheng You En's mother Liu Meili's group of dancing grannies at the public square becomes an eye opening experience for him. The ladies' courage and passion for life inspires him to do the same. At this time, his seemingly strict hotel manager has initiated a program on employee development. With the encouragement of friends, Zhang Guang Zheng works hard to pass the assessment in order to obtain opportunities for further studies. He forges ahead, constantly narrowing the distance between Zheng You En and him. In turn, he also makes an impact in the lives of the people around him such as the Zhang You En who used to keep to herself, Wang Niulang who's afraid to fall for someone and Chen Jing Dian who gave up on his postgraduate entrance examination for fear of failing.
Stars: Huang Xuan (Zhang Guang Zheng / 张光正), Bai Baihe (Zheng You En / 郑有恩), Zhu Yuchen (Wang Niu Lang / 王牛郎), Bai Yufan (Chen Jing Dian / 陈精典), Chai Bi-yun (Tong Na Na / 佟娜娜), Xue Haojing (Dou Zi / 豆子), Ding Jiali (Sun Cai Xia / 孙彩霞), Yang Kun (Liu Mei Li / 柳美莉), Yue Yang (Sun Guang Ting / 孙广庭), Karlina Zhang (Jiu Jin / 九斤)